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Established in 2021, Blue Mountains Joint Stock Company is currently a company is providing services such as Design & Construction of M&E works, maintenance and upgrading of M&E systems. Building commercial prefabrication house.

CCTV system & Security system

Power Supply System & Energy Management

Building Management System

HVAC system

Fire Alarm & Fire Protection System

Design and construction of commercial prefabricated building

Vision and Mission


The goal is to become the leading company providing high-quality technical solutions in Vietnam, constantly exchanging and learning internationally for sustainable development to meet global standards.


  • Company: Create standardized and optimized processes, effective to bring customers the best quality.
  • Develop a technical team with integrity, professionalism, and good response to independent and team tasks.
  • Customer: Providing customers with professional skill, reliable and quality M&E services, Develop a professional technical team, proficient in work, working independent and teamwork.